Follow Up

So to follow-up on the post from like 5 days ago… I finally asked the guy I liked (whom from now on I’m going to call Seth) who it was he was going to prom with and it was none other than one of the girls that I hate the most. She dated this guy who’s like my brother for close to 2 years and she broke up with him this year because, and I quote “this whole relationship has been a joke and I never loved you” AFTER TWO DAMNED YEARS!!! I ended up breaking up with the guy I was dating at the time and he decided that I was the bad guy and for him to cope he was going to treat every girl from now on like she did to my “brother”. I was (and still sort of am) genuinely and completely pissed off.

So me being a normal person didn’t mention any of this to Seth because, as much it killed me inside, it wasn’t my place. since he’s going with the slutbag I’m planning on staying home the night of prom (which I think is next week) and watching Netflix, and eating junk food and drinking coffee…

…and maybe shedding a few tears… maybe..

Well… goodnight guys. It’s still early but if I stay up much longer I’ll get depressed all over again, so I’m gonna call it a night. I’ll try to post some poetry tomorrow.


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