Tonights plans

So tonight’s prom and I’m staying home and planning on doing nothing more than binge watching Pretty Little Liars and eating ice cream and drinking coffee and feeling bad for myself and then getting mad at myself for being a little bitch.

But I guess that last part isn’t too out of the ordinary is it. I don’t know. I guess I’m just exhausted, not just physically but emotionally and mentally.

All I want is for Seth to hold me.. To love me.. To make me feel wanted and happy…

But I also want him to be happy and I guess if I can’t do that for him then I need to let someone else do it…


2 thoughts on “Tonights plans”

  1. There is no shame in not going to prom, I’m in college now and it is seriously overrated anyhow! Missing a guy is such a hard thing, but just remember that your whole life is ahead of you, and there is so much in the world that will make your heart whole again once more. Time can heal anything.


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