Goodbye my Love

During the day
I’m smiles
And laughs
And fun
But it’s all fake
It’s all forced

At night
I’m tears
I’m screams
I’m cuts and blood

The light in my eyes
Has been gone for years
I’ve been dead
Even before suicide

The thing is
No one sees that I’m dead
I might as well prove it
I might as well show them

Tonight may be my last
As I take these pills
And slice my skin
Don’t say you miss me
Don’t say you love me

You never actually cared
You were never there
Goodbye my love


Before We Begin

Before anything is posted, or said, or assumed, or anything in between, I am going to establish myself, even if it is just for my benefit. I am 16 years old and in 11th grade, I do not plan on releasing my real name, if I ever feel the need to ‘name myself’ I’m going to go by Kathrine Marie, I don’t know why, I don’t even care for that name, but oh well. I write a lot of lyrics and poetry but ‘m mostly going to be posting the poetry. I struggle with severe depression and anxiety and I’m recovering from self-harm so some of these are graphic and triggering.