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As the tears roll down my face
The blood spills down my skin
The sting of the cut numbs
The pain of this reality

You tell me I should stop
You say that it’s bad
But it’s become an addiction
One I can’t quit

Tomorrow morning
I’ll be smiling again
You’ll know nothing of
The blood stains on my bed

You won’t know
That I fall apart every night
You won’t know
How often I contemplate suicide



You tell me it’s easy
To move on with life
You say they’re not worth it
Please don’t start to cry

But as soon as life
Gets hard for you
You come crying
Wanting me to help you

When I try to help
You say I don’t understand
One can only help
When one has felt true pain

You don’t remember
All the hell I’ve been through
You only see
The darkness in your life

Selfishness blinds
So I won’t complain
I’ll just walk away
And pretend I’m okay.

The Joker

You made the jokes
I laughed along
You never knew
I cried alone

I’d never say
How bad it hurt
When you make fun
Of all my flaws

But darling
I sit alone
Every night
Just thinking

I think of everything
All the things you laughed at
All the things you said were wrong
All the things that you’ve made a joke of

I begin to draw
I drew on my body
As the blade pierces my skin
The blood spills down

Your jokes are hilarious
And I just laugh along…

Goodbye my Love

During the day
I’m smiles
And laughs
And fun
But it’s all fake
It’s all forced

At night
I’m tears
I’m screams
I’m cuts and blood

The light in my eyes
Has been gone for years
I’ve been dead
Even before suicide

The thing is
No one sees that I’m dead
I might as well prove it
I might as well show them

Tonight may be my last
As I take these pills
And slice my skin
Don’t say you miss me
Don’t say you love me

You never actually cared
You were never there
Goodbye my love